“Mosul Eye” Reveals His Identity


“Mosul Eye,” a blogger who courageously reported the crimes of ISIS from their stronghold of Mosul in Iraq, revealed his identity at last.

“I can’t be anonymous anymore,” he announced on his blog. “This is to say that I defeated ISIS. You can see me now, and you can know me now. I am 31 years old. My name is Omar Mohammed, and I am a scholar.”

Mohammed, 31, told Associated Press that he spied on ISIS for eighteen months after their arrival in Mosul, Iraq in June 2014, collecting information from citizens and ISIS fighters and publicizing it on his blog at risk to his life. He blogged at night while pretending to be an enthused Muslim by day. Journalists prized his information.

Mohammed left Mosul for Turkey in December 2015 and continued blogging from Turkey on the basis of information sent to him before moving to Europe this past February. He is now fundraising to restore Mosul’s destroyed libraries.

{Matzav.com Israel News}


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