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How to motivate your people without making them defensive:

This can be tricky, since most people feel defensive when someone tells them what to do. People don’t like listening to what they have been doing wrong. But giving people instructions about how to do their job is necessary to keep them on track and make sure they’re doing their work properly.

Here are the 3 elements to make sure to include any time you want to tell people what they should be doing in a motivational way instead of making them upset or defensive:

DIRECTION-GIVING: Use “uncertainty-reducing language”. Give simple, clear instructions of how to do the job and provide definitions for the tasks.

EMPATHETIC LANGUAGE: Show concern for who the person is as a person. Use encouragement, positivity, gratitude, and acknowledgement of the difficulty of the task.

MEANING-MAKING LANGUAGE: Explain why the task is important for the overall mission of your organization. Use stories about people who worked hard and made a large impact in the organization or about how the work has made a difference in the lives of others.

By implementing these 3 devices, your instructions will sound less like criticism and more like a motivational speech, which will be much more happily received.
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