Mrs. Miriam Elias a”h


candleIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Miriam Elias a”h. She was 88.

Mrs. Elias was the devoted wife of Rav Joseph Elias zt”l, renowned mechanech, noted author, and one of the most distinguished pioneering mechanchim on the American scene of the last century.

Rav Elias, one of this generation’s most distinguished mechanchim, serving at the forefront of chinuch in America for the last 70 years, passed away one year ago, in August 2014.

Rav Elias was principal at Yeshiva Bais Yehudah of Detroit and then served for 40 years as menahel of the Rivka Breuer Teachers Seminary, which was established in Washington Heights under his leadership in 1963.

Mrs. Elias was a true eizer kenegdo, supporting Rav Elias as he devoted his heart and mind all his life the chinuch of Klal Yisroel‘s children, authoring many bestselling works, most notably the classic ArtScroll Haggadah, which has been the most popular Haggadah of its kind in the world.

It was thanks to the wisdom and support of Mrs. Elias that Rav Elias remained fully engaged in the chinuch world till his last years.

She was a true aishes chayil, a picture of royalty and a role model for bnos Yisroel. He passing less than a year after the petirah of her illustrious husband has plunged all those who have been touched by the Elias family into mourning.

Mrs. Elias leaves behind a family of talmidei chachomim and marbitzei Torah: her children, Rabbi Dovid Elias, rosh kollel of Kollel Keser Torah of Montreal; Mrs. Debbie Blitz of Detroit; Rabbi Mechoel Elias, R”M at Yeshivas Ohr HaChaim in Queens, NY; and Mrs. Shifrah Gettinger of Lakewood.

A levayah was held last night at the Congregation Sons of Israel Holocaust Memorial Chapel in Lakewood, NJ. A second levayah will be held today at 11 a.m. at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley boys’ division, located at 121 College Road in Monsey, NY, followed by kevurah in Clifton, NJ.

Shivah will take place at 6 Buckman Place in Monsey, NY.

Yehi zichrah baruch.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. So sorry , sad and tragic to hear about the petirah of Miriam Elias.May Hashem comfort the entire mishpocha.May Hashem bring healing and strength to soldier on after this big loss.
    Hamokom yenachem eschem b’toch Sha’ar aveilei tzion b’yerusholayim.
    May she be a meilitz yosher for everybody.May she be remembered fondly.
    Brucha Soffer

  2. B”H

    I am very saddened by the news. As a student of Rav Elias Z”L, I was zocheh to learn from him. He went out of his way to inculcate Hashkafah. May they be Melitzei Yosher for all of Klal Yisroel. Yehi Zichram Baruch.


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