Naftali Bennett: Stop US Aid to Israel


naftali-bennett-former-chief-of-staffJewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett is calling for an end to US military aid to Israel. “Today, US military aid is roughly 1 percent of Israel’s economy,” he told The Jewish Press.

“I think, generally, we need to free ourselves from it. We have to do it responsibly, since I’m not aware of all the aspects of the budget, I don’t want to say ‘let’s just give it up,’ but our situation today is very different from what it was 20 and 30 years ago. Israel is much stronger, much wealthier, and we need to be independent.”

As for the economy and defense spending, Bennett says, “The reality is that we have a big deficit. We’re going to have to cut the defense budget, which has doubled over the past decade from $8 billion to $16.4 billion a year. Contrary to what many think, some military threats have actually been reduced. Today’s Egyptian army has no offensive capability – it’s in dire straits. Syria is in no position to send forces into Israel. We can cut there.”

Asked if he would have to give up his US citizenship, should he become prime minister, Bennett said, “I’m not becoming prime minister quite yet, but, obviously, I’ll follow the law, if I’ll need to forfeit it, like Netanyahu has done.”

Asked about President Barack Obama’s nomination of Senator John Kerry for Secretary of State and former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, Bennett said, “I think it’s none of our business in Israel to intervene in American domestic decisions. President Obama gave us his word most vehemently that he would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon – he said it several times over the past year. He said he has Israel’s back. So I hope and trust that President Obama will follow through on these very powerful commitments.”

Source: GLOBES



  1. I am reluctant to think that Naftali Bennett is the future of a prosperous state that defines itself on equality and dignity. In reality, Bennett is reprehensible in his approach to Palestinian unity and thus his aim is not to convene for American and Israeli interests today but rather to reassess his own position and I think to gain power as independently as he possibly can in life. Fortunately, I am sure that Mr. Netanyahu is very popular now and that wont be a factor. I would watch Bennett as his aim is perhaps not the parity of a western democracy and only an independently aggressive state of Israel headed on the banks of freedom that it does not value as much as it values its own ‘independence’ from world influences. Either way, this guy is not on my horizons as a major player but really I hope that his conduct does not start a rivalry that endures more animosity and distracts from the true purpose of the jewish people.


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