Nasrallah: Iran Will Decide When to Go to War with Israel


hezbollah-chief-terrorist-sheikh-hassan-nasrallahAccording to a report this week in the Hizbullah-affiliated Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said the Syrian regime would be unable to take back all the territory rebel groups have seized.

The normally aggressive Nasrallah, whose frequent tirades against Israel are often accompanied by predictions of its near-term demise, adopted a new tone last month when he said Hizbullah alone was incapable of bringing down the Jewish state.

“Are we supposed to lie to our people and ourselves, saying that we are capable of launching a war against Israel, wiping it off the map, and liberating Palestine?” he told Syrian state television. “We are realistic. We are facing a real force.” The assessment reflects a sharp change in attitude from his famous remark a decade ago that Israel was “weaker than a spiderweb” and would be swept away easily when the time comes.

“No resistance faction can be responsible for a war of such magnitude by itself,” he said. “A decision like this should be taken by partners who are capable of accomplishing the goal,” he said, referring to Iran.

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  1. WRONG

    Actually Hashem will decide-not only because Hashem runs the world-but actually when klal yisroel as a nation shows hashem that we are ready for mashiach (by doing teshuva & yearning for mashiach**) then Hashem will send Iran/GOG to bring war milchemes gog u’magog upon klal yisroel.

    what have YOU done to show hashem that we are ready & deserving of Mashiach & the geula?
    are we really yearning for mashiach or do we all look at our clocks on a fast day so I can eat again & go back to the couch instead of the floor etc…

    **in yiddishkeit, if a person wants something (be it a livlihood, shidduch or child etc…) a person needs to do more then just daven & say tehillim, the person needs to also YEARN for it.-sadly- in today’s society we are living in, we are not YEARNING for the Bais Hamikdosh, we have everything from planes to cars & computers etc… even the gift of Shabbos for Gashmius to sleep & relax etc… HASHEM SAYS to klal yisroel, come back to me when your ready & ask me for something from your HEART & i will give you whatever you want (i’m sure if your child came to you for something you would get it, why wouldn’t you? the love between a parent & child is unlimited…. & that’s the way Hashem loves EACH & EVERY ONE OF US)

    All of us have heard, read & seen tons of true stories of people who had their first child at 42 or had a sick child in critical condition, & then the doctor says i’m very sorry but your daughter has only 3 hours to live & then he comes back 2 hours later & says its really a miracle but your child is beginning to recover etc…. Why is it that they finally had a child & the child recovered? There could be tons of answers, but the most common answer Is a Pasuk we say 3 times a day in Davening. Hashem is close to all who call to him, to all who call out truthfully. (Tehillim 145)Because they cried out from their heart, they really meant what they were saying when they davened to H-shem to have a baby or for his daughter to recover etc…. there’s a reason we call Hashem, Avinu She’bashamayim (our father in heaven) Hashem loves us from a father to a son & is waiting to put his Shchina (presence) & his bais hamikdosh back in this world. If we really cried out for the Bais Hamikdosh from our heart with truth & show that we are missing it, then we wouldn’t still be in Golus today.

  2. Reply to one
    Everyone I talk to begs for Moshiach.
    Maybe you should start hanging out with my crowd. Or better yet, buy a mirror and start fixing yourself.

  3. I think the lack of yearning in many of us, comes from a lack of grasping what the Geulah actually means for us. We WILL continue living regular lives, although the whole world will then understand that ‘Ein Od Milvado’. Our lives will be better, Hashem’s Shechinah more obvious, love between yidden, and a world of splendor and glory basking in a world of EMES! The yidden will be ‘above’ all the other nations!!! If only we would all unite, and I mean ALL OF US, and beg HaShem for this wonderful day to arrive….!

  4. Yehiuda you are right but tell me are 2million orthodox jews in New york yearning for mashiach? Im not sure


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