Nazi Soldier Sentenced to 4 Years


Oskar GröningA former SS soldier who served for two years at Auschwitz has been sentenced to four years in prison as an accessory to murder. Oskar Gröning seized valuables from prisoners arriving at the Nazi concentration camp.

A court found him complicit in the killing of 300,000 Jews brought through the camp, even though he wasn’t operating the gas chambers himself, and gave him a sentence longer than the 3.5 years requested by prosecutors.

Gröning said he was “truly sorry” about what transpired, but did not ask for forgiveness from his victims. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. amazing! 4 years for being an accessory to 300,000 murders. that is the same as 7 seconds per person.!!! what amazing justice.

  2. I wonder why these murderers are
    Tracked down only in their 90’s and not before If only the victims were able to live out their years

  3. There was not even an attempt to bring Nazis to justice after WW2. In fact, there were major cover-ups and rescues of Nazis after the war by US, Britain, West and East Germany, Austria, Vatican, Argentina, Brazil etc. That’s right, those countries that refused to lift a finger to save the Jews before WW2, went all out to save the Nazis after WW2. Coincidence or design?!


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