NBA Says Players Must Stand During the National Anthem


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sent a memo to teams on Friday saying that he expected players and coaches to stand for the national anthem before games, as is the rule, according to the Associated Press.

No word on what the penalty is if the rule is broken. Read more here.



  1. ahh. Hurray for our president. no other president would’ve stood up for the respect to our flag, anthem, this not free speech. one can organize protest in fron of white house , police station etc. but not spit in the face , also mlillions of vieiwers dont have to be forced to see ….

  2. Too little too late. They’ve been hit where it hurts, lost at least 25% fans and might have also lost their million dollar contract. We must keep boycotting these ingrates and protest our tax money to go for their stadiums.

    • Be carful what you wish for. It was to our great fortune that sports was so popular. Their self destroying the sport and choosing ideology as their sport is dangerous.

  3. If not for Trump tweeting, this whole thing would have never happened. Just 1 or 2 players were doing it, until Trump made a big deal about it.

      • All of them? Just one football player did it until Trump made a big deal. A president who spends all of his time fighting over silliness, like how many people showed up to his inauguration, while doing nothing about real issues (but then blaming everyone else when he doesn’t get anything done).


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