Netanyahu Congratulates Cameron on UK Election Victory


cameron-netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was quick to tweet his congratulations to David Cameron, hailing his British counterpart’s electoral success in the early hours of Friday morning, saying he looked forward to working with the Conservative victor in the coming years “on shared goals of peace & prosperity.”

From Netanyahu’s perspective, Cameron’s reelection must have made for sweet viewing – offset only, perhaps, by a rueful sense that the British electoral system, if adopted here, might have made his own political life just a little easier.

As with Netanyahu on March 17, Cameron’s victory made an absolute mockery of the opinion surveys, which had the Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck, just as the polls here had Likud and Zionist Union neck-and-neck.

Cameron beat off his Labour rivals handily to secure a shock majority in a poll which until election day had been thought to be neck-and-neck between him and Opposition Leader Ed Miliband.

“Congrats to @David_Cameron on impressive victory & renewed mandate. I look forward to working with you on shared goals of peace & prosperity,” Netanyahu tweeted.

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