Netanyahu Discussed Land Swaps With Trump Administration


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held discussions on land swaps as part of a comprehensive peace deal with the Palestinians and the Trump administration, media reports say.

According to the proposed plan, some Israeli-Arab communities could be moved to Palestinian control, while Israel would annex some major Jewish communities in Shomron.

“This may have been one of many ideas discussed several weeks ago in the context of a peace agreement and not in the context of a separate annexation,” one senior White House official said, Haaretz reported.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu also indicated he would support an initiative to integrate four Jewish communities in the Shomron, as well as a large settlement bloc into the Jerusalem municipality.

The initiative would also see about 100,000 Palestinians living in eastern Jerusalem removed from the city’s census and integrated into a new municipality.




  1. I hope it’s not true! How dare he give away Yiddishe property? What appropriate news for Ervev Tisha b’Av! Sharon reincarnation? Spanish Inquisition revisited!
    Oy Vey!


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