Netanyahu Dismisses UN Investigation on Gaza War as ‘Baseless Automatic Accusation Against Israel’


netanyahuIsrael issued a report today arguing its 2014 Gaza offensive was lawful, a move aimed at pre-empting the release of findings of a UN war crimes investigation that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu dismissed as a waste of time.

The 277-page UN report, which cited Israel’s internal probes and statements from Western leaders backing its right to self-defense, suggested the Netanyahu government hoped to defuse criticism from the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) inquiry in advance.

Deeming the HRC biased, Israel boycotted its investigators as it did those from the council who looked into its 2008-09 Gaza offensive. That HRC inquiry accused Israel of war crimes.

Launched last July after a surge of cross-border rocket fire by Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups, Israel’s 50 days of shelling, air strikes and ground incursions in the congested enclave killed more than 2,256 Palestinians, including 1,563 civilians, a U.N. report said in March.


Sixty-seven Israeli soldiers and six civilians in Israel also died in the conflict.

The new Israeli government report disputed the U.N. figures, saying confirmed non-combatants made up 36 percent of the Palestinian dead and many militants were misidentified as civilians.

Netanyahu told his Cabinet on today that “whoever wants a baseless automatic accusation against Israel can waste their time reading the UN report.” Read more at Ynet.

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