Netanyahu Hits Back At Obama: Israel Knows What’s Best for Israel


netanyahu A day after US columnist Jeffrey Goldberg quoted President Barack H. Obama as saying that Israel under Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu does not know what is in its own best interest, Netanyahu responded with a word of his own.

“I think everyone understands that only Israel’s citizens will be the ones to determine who faithfully represents Israel’s vital interests,” Bibi said during a visit to an army base near Gaza in his first direct response to Obama’s reported remarks.

December was the quietest month in Gaza in the last 12 years.

“Over the last four years we stood up against strong pressure, and I will continue to do so for Israel’s security,” said Netanyahu, who later added, “”We will do everything necessary to defend Israel’s citizens here and everywhere else.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Midah k’neged midah. He tried to interfere in the US elections. Now he’s getting it back. So why is he complaining? Moral: don’t take a sleeping dog by the ears. (Forget which mesechta that’s in.)

  2. you go boy shut the mouth of that incompetent community orgagnizer one who is dismantling our glorious america vive l amerique

  3. Kol Hakovod BIBI – Obama doesn’t even know what’s good for America, never mind Israel. Look what he’s done to America – made it the DIVIDED States of America,

  4. It’s kind of stupid for Obama to start bad mouthing Bibi because it seems that Nitanyahu will win the election & continue on as PM, so Oblaima will still have to deal with him, so why muddy the waters in advance? Seichel 101.

  5. When will Bibi realize Israel is a sovereign nation unto itself and does not have to apologize, take orders, etc, from any other foreign country. Does’nt the Torah say no foreign money and no foreign leaders. When will Bibi realize money from a foreign country has red tape attached to it and as long as he takes that money he is the foreign countries servant.


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