Netanyahu: Iran Deserves No Concessions Until It Ends Calls to Destroy Israel and U.S.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a meeting of his new cabinet, in honor of Jerusalem day, at the Israeli Museum in JerusalemIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi┬áNetanyahu told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday, “If someone thought that the extraordinary concessions to Iran would lead to a change in its policy, they received an unequivocal answer over the weekend in Iranian ruler Khamenei’s aggressive and contrary speech.”

Netanyahu pointed out that the Iranians aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they will use the hundreds of billions that they will receive under this agreement in order to arm their terror machine and they are clearly saying that they will continue their struggle against the U.S. and its allies, first among them being Israel.

“Today,” said Netanyahu, “Iran is arming terrorist organizations with missiles – tomorrow they will have the ability to arm them and themselves with much deadlier weapons. The agreement that was signed paves Iran’s way to arm itself with nuclear weapons within a decade, if Iran decides to honor the agreement, and before then if it decides to violate it, as it usually does….As long as the Iranian leadership is encouraging calls of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ there is no reason to make any concessions to them.”

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