Netanyahu: Israel Will Expand Investments in Developing World


Israel will expand its investments in the developing world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Friday.

A statement published by Netanyahu’s office said, “Israel will create solutions for development goals that have been set by the UN in water, agriculture and nutrition, health, education and technology. According to the UN, in order to meet the goals by 2030, $4 trillion will be needed per annum. Israel, which is joining the global effort, has a relative advantage in at least five of the 17 goals: Water management, advanced agriculture, qualitative and universal health services, innovation and advanced energy.”

Netanayahu was quoted as saying, “”We are continuing to build up Israel’s standing. This is an important step of the highest magnitude that joins a series of decisions that we are leading on the issue of strengthening economic ties with international markets, especially India, China, Africa and Latin America.”

“The State of Israel is a global leader in technology, agriculture, water and medical care,” the prime minister added. “We have a vast export potential that we are about to realize thanks to correct policy. The moves that we are leading will strengthen the developing countries and the Israeli economy, and will increase activity by Israeli companies. All of these, of course, will greatly contribute to our diplomatic ties with international organizations and the countries of the world.”

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