Netanyahu Issues Iran Warning In Holocaust Memorial Speech


netanyahu2Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu opened the country’s annual memorial day for the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust by issuing a stern warning Sunday to the world to learn the lessons of the past and prevent another Holocaust.

At the opening ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, Netanyahu linked the Nazi genocide to Iran’s suspected drive to acquire nuclear bombs and its leaders’ repeated references to the destruction of Israel and its denial of the Holocaust. Netanyahu said that just like before World War II, there were those in the world today who refused to face uncomfortable truths.

“In this place I have said many times that we must identify an existential threat in time and act against it in time and tonight I ask ‘why in the years before the Holocaust did most of the world’s leaders not see the danger ahead of time?’ In hindsight, all the signs were there,” he said.

“Has the world learned a lesson from the mistakes of the past? Today we are again faced with clear facts and before a real danger. Iran calls for our destruction, it develops nuclear weapons.”

Sunday night’s main ceremony at Yad Vashem included six survivors who lit six symbolic torches to commemorate the 6 million dead. A video segment on each one’s personal story was presented. Read more at Ynet.

{ Israel}


  1. TO #1…STOP living your life on politics and open a gemmorah to learn some words of emes. You should speak to a a Rav if you want to leave Eretz Yisrael because you don’t like Netanyahu.


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