Netanyahu Pledges: No More Terrorist Releases



Ahead of tonight’s major nationalist rally in Tel Aviv, and just two days before general elections, Prime Minister and Likud party leader Binyamin Netanyahu spoke exclusively in English to Arutz Sheva, and appealed to right-wing voters to cast their ballots for Likud – saying only his party could prevent the establishment of a leftist government which would be essentially controlled by outside powers.

“The possibility is that if we don’t close the gap between Labor and Likud, then Buji [Yitzhak Herzog] and Tzipi Livni will form… a Left government backed by the Arabs that will retreat on all fronts,” Netanyahu warned.

“They’ll go back to the ’67 lines, they’ll divide Jerusalem, they’ll agree to this horrendous deal that’s being hatched up” with Iran, he added.

“I believe there’s a real danger for the State of Israel and the land of Israel.”

Speaking in English exclusively to Arutz Sheva, the Likud party head called on “English-speaking Israeli voters” to “go to the polls and vote for the one party that will change” the current picture, in which the “Zionist Union” joint list headed by Livni and Herzog currently leads in the polls.

Netanyahu explained the widening gap between his party and Herzog’s on an “unprecedented” media campaign aimed at taking him down. “Most of the media is mobilized” against him, he asserted.

Just as importantly is “an enormous infusion of cash from abroad, with the support of governments who understand that the way to bring the Left up is to bring the Likud, and me, down,” he continued, in a reference to the foreign-funded V15 campaign, whose aim is to oust Netanyahu in favor of a left-wing government and whose links to the Obama administration are facing increased scrutiny.

Regarding his comments on establishing a Palestinian Arab state, Netanyahu said that he had changed his stance since his speech at Bar Ilan in 2009.

“That was said at the time when the Middle East was in a different place… but right now I say – the Middle East has changed,” he declared, pointing to the so-called “Arab spring”, which he said had become an “Islamist Winter.”

“Any territory that we give up is taken immediately by the forces of militant islam who use it to bombard our territory with thousands of rockets.

“The international Left and local Left aren’t stupid. They know that I do not concede. They know that I stand our ground. They know that they have to knock me and Likud out – that’s why their campaign is ‘anyone but Bibi!'”

Of nationalist votes, he claimed that the left-wing campaign was hoping to drain the Likud specifically of votes to clear the way for a Labor-Hatnua win, in whatever way possible.

“They don’t care if it goes to other parties, even in the nationalist camp… they know that at that point Tzipi and Buji will be given the task of forming the government. They know that at that point they’ll win.

“What they know we should know, what they want, we should do the opposite,” he concluded urging people to vote Likud.

As for releasing convicted terrorist murderers, Netanyahu pledged to never do so again. “That’s all in the past,” he guaranteed.

The PM also addressed the contentious issue of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, and defended his stance against ending the current “status quo.”

Read the full report and see the video at Arutz Sheva.



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