Netanyahu, Putin To Get Direct, Secure Hotline


netanyahu-putinIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin have upgraded their relationship, with an agreement that the two leaders will be connected by a special hotline between their two bureaus.

The decision, which comes even as ties between Russia and Israel’s major ally the US sink even lower, was announced Friday by Moscow.

“The Russian government has decided to accept the proposal from Russian security service, in conjunction with the Russian Foreign Ministry, to set up a secure line that will allow a direct and encrypted connection between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” the country said in a statement.

The decision means the immediate commencement of negotiations between Russia and Israel to set up the direct line between the two leaders.

Russia has secure telephone lines with leaders in various countries around the world. The first was set up in 1963, between Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and US President John F. Kennedy, in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis. In 1966, the Soviets also launched a similar hotline with France, at the time led by President Charles de Gaulle. Moscow went on to set up further direct lines with Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and South Korea.

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  1. Why so that they can chit chat nicely to each other and the can Putin can turn around and do whatever well pleases. The russians only do something if it serves their immediate direct and personal interest

  2. actually, he’s getting it from linvig outside the USA and talking to a bunch of other people who do likewise.seriously, it’s not that damn hard to connect the dots. y’all invade any country you like, pretty much (so long as, interestingly enough, it does not possess nukes of its own), blatantly strong-arm even more countries than you outright invade (opinions are divided on whether or not you realize that it actually is blatant… but it is, hint hint), and generally behave like the modern-day diplomatic equivalent of the barbian hordes. even your allies you don’t tend to treat very well, unless you’re also deeply in debt to them, c.f. Japan. when you’re not, your notion of “allies” seem to go down the lines of “you do what we tell you, and we ignore your interests”, c.f. the UK.but you’re leaving North Korea alone. even though it’s probably holding all three top spots on the list of countries which on no occasion ought to be left unmeddled with, at this point. and far as anybody can tell, it is only because kim jong crazyface has at least a couple of nukes. us furriners don’t know what two and two may add up to in Washington, D.C., but in the rest of the world that makes four.


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