Netanyahu Rushes To Security Meeting As Har Habayis Tensions Surge


Rushing back to Israel on Thursday from a visit to Hungary, Prime Minister Netanyahu went  directly from the airport to the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv to meet his security chiefs in a bid to defuse mounting Muslim anger over metal detectors on the Har Habayis.

The meeting comes ahead of Friday prayers when tens of thousands of worshipers are expected to converge on the the flashpoint holy site, sparking fears of bloodshed, a week after the killing of two Israeli police officers at the site by three Arab Israelis.

At the meeting, scheduled for 8 p.m., officials were set discuss whether to remove the detectors that were placed at the Har Habayis after the killings that were launched from within the holy site. Read more at Times of Israel.

{ Israel Bureau}




  1. removing the detectors would be the worse thing, as it would just remove fear from future terrorists C”V & make it back into a joke. time palestanians finally take their terror to a halt & stop it


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