Netanyahu: Thank You for Allowing Me To Serve a Third Time


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu shared the following message with the citizens of Israel shortly before the onset of Shabbos Kodesh:

Dear citizens of Israel,

Congratulations! We have a new government.

I thank you for awarding me the privilege of serving you as prime minister for the third time. I view this as both a great privilege and a major responsibility. I will see to it that the new government works for the benefit of all Israeli citizens, and guarantees first and foremost the security of each and every one of you.

The new government enters upon its stewardship when major challenges in a stormy and turbulent Middle East are gathering around us. Through joint effort we can overcome these challenges, and also guarantee the necessary changes to lower the cost of living and particularly housing prices, while enhancing an equitable sharing of the burden. With the help of the Almighty and with your help we will succeed.

Yours from the depths of my heart,

And wishing you a peaceful Shabbat from Yerushalayim,

Binyamin Netanyahu

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  1. “while enhancing an equitable sharing of the burden.”
    “With the help of the Almighty and with your help we will succeed.”

    Very nice. Suddenly he’s becoming so Frum! mentioning G-d’s name when speaking about “sharing the burden”, which means – UPROOTING THE TORAH!!! Bennett/Piron will pay a heavy price for this!

  2. “The Tzaddik’s Dream”

    I just heard on a hotline from Rebbetzin Kalminovitch an outstanding Dream that a big Tzaddik had this year. A Rav & Posek from Boro Park N.Y. had a dream about the Gedolei Yisroel who are already in Shomayim who were Niftar this year.l”a

    The Gedolei Yisroel were by the Beis Dein Shel Ma’ala and were begging Hashem Yisborach to look at how much “we” the Yidden have worked on ourselves, and how much we as Klal Yisroel have grown this year. They were saying to Hashem, please Look how many Yidden got rid of the Tumah in their homes, and how much we really want to be connected to Hashem and looking forward to the Geula.

    They were begging and begging the Eibeshter (g-d) to end this long and dark Galus to bring Moshiach fast. When… Suddenly a loud voice was heard saying: “Do Bnei Yisroel really want Hashem’s Name to be known with his full Kedusha in the world? What about how Yidden are acting, especially in Shul’s, talking during Kedusha Kaddish and Davening, not giving proper Kavod to the Shul? Do they really want it?” the Geula?

    And then the Beis Dein Shel Ma’ala decided to come up with a conclusion that this year – Taf Shin Ayin Gimmel – is a big Ais Ratzon and Moshiach is really able to come to us and Hashem really wants to bring him to us.

    There is just one condition that: Hashem will test us this year in a huge way to see if we are really ready for Moshiach, if we are doing things for the Kavod of Shamayim or for the Kavod of ourselves c”v. This year could be the end of the Golus and the year of the Geula Be’ezras Hashem.

    This Tzaddik woke up in a sweat. He was so shaken up and couldn’t believe what he had heard and seen. He was shaking from real fear. Can we imagine that this is where we are up to? Moshiach is at our doorstep and every single Yid has the power to show Hashem: that “I just want to do Mitzvos for your Kovod to bring Kavod to Your Name, Hashem” and then we will hasten the Geula.

    Imagine the sound of the Shofar Shell Moshiach and YOU’R being there to witness this special long awaited day, for two thousand years, It’s surly beyond our imagination that we could be alive to really experience this day, first hand, Greet Moshiach and see it all with our own eyes. Rebbetzin Kalminovitch said that when such a strong rain falls, it is a sign That Hashem Yisborach wants us to change, so that we can be Zoche to realize that the Geula is ever so close.

    It’s all in your hands. Let’s wake up and see: “How can I do a mitzvah and do it only because I just want to bring Kavod to Hashem’s Name”? Let’s all take this lesson to heart and realize that we really must wake up and shake ourselves back into reality of how a real Yid has to conduct themselves, in order to increase the Kovod Shomayim and do a real Teshuva to bring Moshiach in Taf Shin Ayin Gimmel with the building of the third Bais Hamikdosh.

    Many of us say “I am ready for Moshiach” but we are fooling our selves, we have not done anything to speed up the Geula, we have been dragged into a lavish life style much to far from the life of a real and true Yid’s life style, living the their life the Torah way, we have to turn around and change all our ways and live a complete Torah life guided only by the Shulcon Aruch and our Gedolim, including the way we dress.

    May Hashem help us that in the Zechus of doing Teshuva and not talking in Shul especially not during Davening we should all merit to greet Moshiach.

  3. A menschlich thing to have said. A great many people worked hard and for no reward to secure Netanyahu’s recent victory.

  4. #1, considering how 40 percent of the Chareidim are already in the army/national service.. what are you talking about?

  5. “and guarantees first and foremost the security of each and every one of you.”

    Nope, nope. That may have been what you would have liked, Bibi. However you were forced into a coalition with Lapid, Livni and Bennett.

    Lapid does not care at all about security.
    Livni is delusional and unrealistic. She’ll give it all to the Arabs.
    Bennett, by aligning himself with Lapid, has made it clear that he’s not too bothered or occupied with security.

    Bibi. If you’d like to bomb Iran – in order to preempt them – good luck in getting your cabinet to approve.

    Lapid won’t approve.

    If Lapid won’t approve, then Bennett won’t approve.

    Since the others won’t approve, Livni will certainly not approve. If she was pressured into approving she would. But in this coalition there’s no pressure.

    So, Mr. Netanyahu, good luck.
    The majority of your government is not at all occupied or interested in security.

  6. Anonymous #6 has quite gratuitously informed Mr Netanyahu that “the majority of [his] government is not at all occupied or interested in security”.

    Where on earth did you get that truly cockamamie idea from #6?

    Every Israeli government, going back to the pre- May 1948 ??? ????? in 1920, has had the question of national security first and foremost in its agenda.

    Without the assurance of physical “security” it will always be impossible to enable that country’s residents to do whatever it may want (be it Torah study or sorting the grains of all the grains of sand on its sea shores.

    Israel’s physical security, whether #6 and others of his ilk like it or not, depends on all its physically and/or mentally fit inhabitants sharing that burden.

    Once that goal has been achieved, and Israel’s enemies have finally been routed only then will it be safe for all its residents to study Torah or to sort grains of sand.


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