Netanyahu: We Are Not “Mortal Enemies” of Mideast Countries


netanyahu3The Saudi peace initiative of 2002 is no longer relevant in the much-altered Middle East of 2014, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said in an interview.

“If you read it carefully, you’ll see it was set up in another period, before the rise of Hamas; before Hamas took over Gaza; before ISIS [Islamic State] took over chunks of Syria and Iraq, effectively dismantling those countries; before Iran’s accelerated nuclear program.”

The plan calls for returning the Golan Heights to Syria, a proposal made “before the takeover of Syria by al-Qaeda on the Golan Heights.”

“What is relevant is the fact that there is a new recognition among major countries in the Middle East that Israel is not their mortal enemy, to say the least, but is a potential ally in addressing the common challenges.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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