New App to Lend a Big Hand to Pesach Preparations


pesachWith all of Pesach’s customs, shopping, cooking and meal planning, even experienced mothers can find the Yom Tov preparations overwhelming. How is it possible not to enter Pesach  in a frenzy of cooking, cleaning and shopping?

That was the motivation behind the all-in-one Pesach app, dubbed the “Passover Assistant.” The app’s features range from a Pesach meal planner and shopping list to an interactive “Mah Nishtanah” trainer for learning to chant the Four Questions. The hope is to take off some of the pre-Yom Tov load and make  Pesach a happy and enjoyable experience for all.

The app has been released on the four leading mobile platforms; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle and can be downloaded free of charge.

App landing page:

News story about the App:

The app includes these great features like:

* MA NISHTANA TRAINER: Offers a karaoke-style tool for learning the four questions. Makes learning the Ma Nishatana more fun and personal.

* KEY PASSOVER TIMES: Look up holiday times for anywhere in the world (when to burn the chametz, light holiday candles, holiday ends etc.)

* PASSOVER CHECKLIST: Create a to do list for everything from cleaning to shopping and even track what percent of your Passover prep has been done.

* MEAL PLANNER: Planning your meals is made easier with our handy Meal Planner. Add your own recipes or use’s extensive list Kosher for Passover recipes.

* SHOPPING LIST: Shopping is made easier as you can connect recipes to your shopping list or simply add individual items (e.g. make sure you have enough candles).

* PASSOVER RECIPES: The app comes preloaded with hundreds of kosher for Passover Recipes — all searchable and organized by type.

* SEDER TIPS: Make preparing for the seder easier with our broad collection of seder preparation tips and guides from


* SEDER FINDER: Largest global public seder directory.

* And just in case you have more than four questions an ASK THE RABBI feature.

{Gavriel Newscenter}



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