New Daf Yomi Directory for the Catskills and Beyond


daf-yomiAs in years past, the Daf Yomi Commission of Agudath Israel of America will publish a directory of Daf Yomi shiurim, including locations, times and the name of the maggidei shiur, that will be held at various shuls, bungalow colonies and camps in the Catksills and other retreats frequented by Jewish families during the summer months. The directory has in the past proven to be an invaluable resource for lomdei haDaf enabling men who spend their weeks or weekends in “the country,” away from their regular places of Torah-study to keep up with their set sedarim in Daf Yomi. The Daf Yomi Commission has issued a request for all who are aware of a regular Daf Yomi summertime shiur, whether daily or on weekends, to kindly contact their offices with details, for inclusion in this year’s directory. The Daf Yomi Commission can be reached at 212-797-9000 extension #267, or at

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