New Iranian Propaganda Film Purports to Expose ‘Mossad Operations’



As last-minute nuclear talks between Iran and the West reached a critical stage, the Iranian mouthpiece, Press TV, released a transparent psy-ops film that allegedly discloses the Mossad’s intel operation against Tehran’s nuke program.

“The Mossad is like the devil – you expel him from the door, and he returns through the window. You need to be careful all the time,” according to one head of Iran’s nuclear project appearing in the psuedo-documentary, “Covert War.”

While in the film Israel’s supposed espionage is dismissed as bothersome and incompetent, Iran has blamed Israel, the US, other western countries for a series of mysterious deaths of nuclear scientists, debilitating cyber attacks, including the now famous “Stuxnet,” and explosions, equipment breakdowns and other mishaps at several research and production centers alleged to be weaponizing nuclear material over the last five years.

In the film, two Iranian men tell how they were recruited to aid Israel, Ch. 2 said.

The Mossad allegedly tried to “turn” one interviewee, Amir, with a female agent offering him money while he was vacationing in Thailand. The agent, according to the report, asked him to surveil and photograph a house in Tehran, which later turned out to be the home of a nuclear engineer who was killed.

The second interviewee, Hussein Kazam Darwish said a stark Mossad warning dissuaded him from working with them.

“If you tell anyone what happened here, we have people who will catch you,” a Mossad agent told him, as he pointed to his neck and made a slashing motion, Darwish claimed.

Sharing details of the deal under discussion with The Jerusalem Post on the eve of the deadline, Israel has issued a stark, public warning to its allies with a clear argument: Current proposals guarantee the perpetuation of a crisis, backing Israel into a corner from which military force against Iran provides the only logical exit.

Watch a clip from the film HERE.

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