New Kiryat Belz


Two hundred families will soon move to the almost completed Kiryat Belz in Natzrat Illit. The Belzer Rebbe appointed Rav Naftoli Offman, rosh kollel of Belz’s Birkas Aharon Yeshiva, as rov of the new community.

Natzrat Illit in the lower Galil was founded as a Jewish counterpart to the predominantly Christian and Muslim city of nearby Nazrat as part of an effort to strengthen the Jewish character of the Galil.

The Har Yonah neighborhood where Kiryat Belz is located is being built for three thousand religious families. Another fifteen thousand apartments are on the drawing board.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. What about expanding Kiryat Belz Lakewood, how about that ? Getting more Belz families to move to Lakewood, & make it really big

  2. They are making it very easy to buy an apartment in Har Yonah for a young couple. Each side has to give 40,000 shekels, and the rest comes as a loan from the kehillah with the remaining amount as a mortgage that the young couple will pay…Sounds like a good deal!


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