New to Oorah Auction 2013: Million Dollar Raffle


moneyIt’s the million dollar question of the day: What would you do with one million dollars? With Oorah’s brand-new Million Dollar Raffle, it’s a question worth considering. All donors to the Oorah Auction are automatically entered into this separate mega raffle to win 1,000 times their donation, up to $1,000,000.

This year’s Auction still features the incredible prizes and free gifts that we’ve come to expect from Oorah, home of the $5 Auction. That’s right; each prize is still only $5. But now, as you put in for the luxury prizes, from trips to Eretz Yisrael to cars to sheitels to vacations, you’re also increasing your potential winnings in the Million Dollar Raffle at the same time!

But the best part is that your donation helps to bring Jewish children and their families closer to a life of Torah and mitzvos. With hundreds of volunteers across North America and Israel, Oorah’s full suite of outreach programs is incredibly successful in both inspiring families to grow and in helping them to maintain that inspiration with real change. Oorah’s programs include yeshiva placement and tuition assistance, the TorahMates partnership learning program, TheZone camps for boys and girls, Shabbos and Yom Tov events, the Rebbetzins shidduch mentorship program and so much more.

It’s easy to donate: just call 1.877.7.AUCTION or visit to enter the Auction now.



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