No Judios: Anti Semitic Graffiti Found On Monsey Home

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A horrific display of anti semitism took place in Monsey, NY, today, where a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of a home was defaced by hoodlums.

The sign, located in front of a house on Orchard St. in the heart of Monsey, was graffitied with the words “No Judios.” Police are investigating the incident.

The mark of hostility is yet another sign of the growing discomfort of a few Monsey residents in the face of the burgeoning growth of the Jewish community there.



  1. Stop mistreating ur Hispanic help. Pay dissent wages. Stop yelling already. Don’t make us eat knaidels anymore. The matzo is toov hard. Stop smoking and snoring.

    • You are right. Sorry if you’re mistreated. I apologize on behalf of my people. We all need to live in peace ✌️ and respect each other. I am an immigrant myself and I also had to work hard when I came to this country…. thank you for helping us to keep our holidays by working with us. Our wives really appreciate everything you have done.

  2. How do you know that they are illegal?? If they don’t belong here, neither do the jews!! It is native American soil…..the jews are buying and expanding everywhere….this county is mixed , it doesn’t belong to just one race, it belongs to all…. corruption in rockland county is real that why they get everything.


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