NYC Health Dept.: Alcohol Easy For Underage Buyers To Get In NYC



A New York City Department of Health investigation has revealed just how easy it is for underage buyers to get their hands on alcohol in the city’s pharmacy, grocery and liquor stores.¬†On Sunday, the health department released the results of an undercover investigation undertaken by the state liquor authority between April and September last year.

Underage decoys were sent to 911 stores throughout the five boroughs – 10 percent of the city’s stores with liquor licenses.
The decoys were able to buy alcohol in 58 percent of the stores, according to the health department.

Dr. Hillary Kunins, assistant commissioner of the health department, told WCBS 880 the investigation was conducted because underage drinking in the city continues to rise.

“What brought it on was our concern that rates of binge drinking and drinking among underage people in New York City has continued to be an issue,” Kunins said.

The health department said a letter will be sent to all stores with liquor licenses on Monday, reminding them to check IDs and to make sure employees are trained to avoid selling to underage buyers.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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