NYC, Long Island to Begin Gas Rationing Tomorrow


gas-station-shortage-linesNew York City and Long Island will begin rationing gas to relieve frustration and long lines at the pump as the region continues to recover from damage to fuel distribution caused by Sandy last week.

Mayor Bloomberg, along with Nassau and Suffolk counties, announced the emergency program would begin Friday morning. Drivers with license plates ending in an even number can purchase fuel only on even-numbered days and drivers with plates ending in an odd number can buy on odd-numbered days. Vanity plates or others without numbers will be considered odd.

The measure would continue into next week and is designed “to reduce the potential for disorder,” Bloomberg said at City Hall Thursday. Police officers would be assigned to gas stations to help keep the peace.

On Long Island, rationing begins at 5 a.m.; in New York City it starts at 6 a.m. It does not apply to emergency vehicles or taxis, officials said.

Sandy damaged ports that accept fuel tankers and flooded underground equipment that sends fuel through pipelines. Without power, fuel terminals weren’t able to pump gasoline onto tanker trucks, and gas stations couldn’t pump fuel into customers’ cars.

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  1. Sorry to say that this sounds a bit strange. Nearly two weeks after the storm, there is still an issue with fuel deliveries.
    Is it possible that the Mayor and the Governor, would prefer that we walk more, and drive less.
    Maybe this is part of their idea of “GETTING NY HEALTHY”.
    What we need is a FREE 2 Liter Bottle of Soda with each fill up.

    Mr. Mayor stop the foolishness.

  2. Why can’t the trucks that deliver gas to New Jersey drive a little further- over the bridges, and through the holland tunnel to deliver gas to NYC? New Jersey has no gas lines right over the Holland Tunnel and across the bridges. The above reasons were very nice excuses for a day or two after the storm, not a week and a half later. It sounds fishy. Most likely the reasons have to do with regulations, environmentalist, politics, unions or something like that.

  3. Thank you mr. incompetent Bloomberg. What took so long???

    I guess waking up a week and a half later is better than not at all. Only thing is, had you, Bloomie, done something earlier, we’d be solved by now.

    Well, at least you did something for the sodas……


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