NYC Man Survives After Heart Stops For 45 Minutes


health-screeningA Brooklyn man is on his way to recovery after doctors say his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes.

Joseph Tiralosi was released from the hospital yesterday. He had gone to the emergency room at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center on Aug. 17 because he wasn’t feeling well. Within minutes of his arrival, he collapsed and his heart stopped beating.

Doctors and nurses tried CPR and shocked him multiple times with a defibrillator. A last-ditch effort to break up any clots finally worked, and Tiralosi’s pulse finally came back.

Doctors kept his body cold while they removed a clot and Tiralosi’s heart started working normally.

Doctors say he lived through the episode without incurring any brain damage.

Myocardial infarction or acute myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack, is the interruption of blood supply to part of the heart, causing some heart cells to die. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for both men and women all over the world.

{CBS Broadcasting/ Newscenter}


  1. there is a secret the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know. the worst thing one can do to a body in trauma due to lack of oxyegen for more than 5 minutes, is to flood it with oxygen! it cause the cells literally to explode and die. slowly bringing the body back to life is the cutting edge in trauma treatment.

  2. What’s even more interesting, ME, is that suffusing the body with very low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide will extend the “golden hour” to four or five hours.


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