NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: “Ah Zissen Pesach”


de-blasio[Listen to the message below.] New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a Pesach greetings to Jewish residents of New York. His message was broadcast on the radio in New York last night.

He said as follow:

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, on behalf of myself, Chirlane and the entire City of New York, a happy Passover holiday, or as we say in Italian, ‘A zissen Pesach.

“On Monday night, families all across the city will gather to celebrate with food and songs and family. They’ll read the Haggadah and retell the story that makes this holiday so powerful. Passover is, of course, a celebration of freedom that people had to fight for, and with eyes to our past, as well as our future, I plan to use the message of Passover to personally recommit myself and this city to fighting for an end to inequality all across New York.

“This city functions only when it serves all boroughs, all communities and all families. And the Jewish community and I have worked side by side for so long to achieve these goals.

“We all need to dig down deeper and fulfill our responsibility to ourselves, our children and each other, and to ensure that we mark this holiday by caring for the poor, the sick and the elderly, and making sure that nobody is left behind.”

Click below to listen to the message:

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{ Newscenter/Audio: JP Updates-Jacob Kornbluh}


  1. “The yidden had to fight for freedom?”

    Yes. In biblical times (time to review Tanakh) and now (thank God we have an IDF!).


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