NYC: Students, Parents Protesting the Elimination of Student MetroCards


metrocard-turnstileDozens of students, even some parents made their voices heard outside the Metropolitan Transit Authority headquarters on Madison Avenue. WCBS Reporter Marla Diamond talks with some protesters who are not happy with the idea of losing funding for student MetroCards.

“I am outraged! Outraged! What in the world are the state and city thinking about,” said one parent.

The MTA says it needs $214 million to continue the free MetroCard program for half a million New York City school kids.

City Council speaker Christine Quinn says the City and the Straphanger’s campaign have an alternate idea.

“Taking a portion of our federal stimulus transportation fund,” said Quinn.

Bronx City Councilman James Vacca who chairs the Transportation Committee says the uncertainty has gone on too long.

“I hope that this is not a game, I hope that this is something that is resolved sooner rather than later,” said Vacca.

The MTA begins its budget deliberations in March.

{WCBS Radio 880/Noam Newscenter}


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