NYPD Detective Feels at Home in Tel Aviv September 14, 2009  11:45 am

nypd1An NYPD detective stationed in Israel is visiting New York to give his take on terrorism to Jewish community leaders. Charlie Benaim was speaking Monday at a security briefing in advance of the Yomim Noarim. The 41-year-old Benaim brings some special credentials to the job. He was born in Israel and grew up with the constant threat of terrorism.

Benaim joined the NYPD in 1997. He resettled in the Middle East in 2007 as part a dramatic makeover of the NYPD designed to beef up homeland security.

Following 9/11, the New York department embedded officers with law enforcement agencies in Tel Aviv, Singapore, Madrid and other cities. The goal is to trade information about security and potential threats.

{NY Newsday/Matzav.com Newscenter}

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