O’Reilly Cameraman: He Didn’t Save Me



A cameraman who was allegedly saved by Bill O’Reilly during a violent protest during the 1982 Falklands War says the Fox News personality’s story is not true. O’Reilly has said that his cameraman fell and was bleeding from his ear when he bravely dragged him out of the Argentinian army’s way, even though his own reporting said that the army did not kill civilians at that protest.

Now, Ignacio Medrano-Carbo – who says he was the cameraman in question – wrote an email to Mother Jones contesting that story. “Ninety-nine percent of the footage in that report was shot by me. Does that make me his cameraman?” he wrote. “I never fell nor was I bleeding out my ear at any time during my Buenos Aires assignment. I do not even recall Mr. O’Reilly being near me when I shot all that footage nor after I left the unrest at Plaza de Mayo that evening.” Read more at Mother Jones.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I agree with the first commenter. I find it very suspect that a left wing publication somehow gets someone who assumes he is the cameraman in question to send them a letter that defames a right wing personality. It’s a little too perfect. If I were the cameraman why would I choose to send the letter to Mother Jones of all places. Someone with a real story would probably contact a more mainstream news outlet like the NY Times unless, perhaps, he did and they did not find his story credible.

  2. This has been all over the mainstream media, not just Mother Jones. Basically, O’Reilly has as much credibility as Dan Rather, Lara Logan, and Brian Williams.

  3. The left liberals are out to destroy anyone they don’t agree with.
    They should be going after Iran and the Arab terrorist.


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