Obama: ‘Less Concerned’ With Bibi Speech Than Congress Undermining Iran Talks


obama3Hours before Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s speech in the U.S. Congress, President Barack Obama said in an interview that such a deal would be reached if Iran can agree to freeze its sensitive nuclear activity for at least a decade in a verifiable way.

“If, in fact, Iran is willing to agree to double-digit years of keeping their program where it is right now and, in fact, rolling back elements of it that currently exist… if we’ve got that, and we’ve got a way of verifying that, there’s no other steps we can take that would give us such assurance that they don’t have a nuclear weapon,” Obama told Reuters.

Obama said that Netanyahu’s Congress speech on Tuesday, in which the prime minister is expected to criticize the White House’s insistence on a diplomatic deal with Iran, would not be “permanently destructive” to U.S.-Israel ties. But Obama reiterated said that there is a “substantial disagreement” between the U.S. and Israel on the nuclear issue.

“I’m less concerned, frankly, with Prime Minster Netanyahu’s commentary than I am with Congress taking actions that might undermine the [nuclear] talks before they’re completed,” said Obama, who has vowed to veto a bill imposing new sanctions against Iran if such legislation passes in Congress.

If a deal with Iran is reached, “it would be far more effective in controlling their nuclear program than any military action we could take, any military action Israel could take and far more effective than sanctions will be,” Obama said.




  1. why are you hiding Obama’s interview from your readers? He spoke for 20 minutes the day before Netanyahu spoke and you are hiding it from klal yisroel



    why do you feel the need to mislead klal yisroel by cherry picking primary sources to release to the klal? why not inform kal yisroel fully? why fear publishing the transcript and video of Obama’s full interview with Reute


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