Obama Hates New York


obama-youngMichael Goodwin writes in the pages of the NY Post: It’s enough to make you think Barack Obama doesn’t love New York. OK, let me be clear: The president of the United States hates us.

He socks New Yorkers with massive new taxes to fund his health-care monstrosity.

He punishes Wall Street for making too much money.

He threatens political jihad against anybody who dares challenge the too-precious Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

He tells our governor to take a long walk on a short bridge.

Not since Gerald Ford told us to drop dead has New York been so clearly in the White House cross hairs. At least that made some political sense.

This is nuts. Yet it’s what New Yorkers get for giving Obama nearly 63 percent of our votes in 2008, the third highest among the 50 states.

Imagine if we had voted againsthim.

His lack of gratitude alone should be enough to turn a blue state red. That he actually seems hostile to our interests should add fury to our resistance.

The only hitch is that New Yorkers aren’t as smart and tough as everybody thinks. Our savvy pugnacity is an urban legend.

When it comes to politics, if you hit us, we beg and plead: Do it again.

Terrorists knock down the World Trade Center and kill nearly 2,800 people. We can’t get it together to build a proper memorial, but our mayor and other pols roll over when Obama wants to bring some of the killers here for a show trial. In the shadow of Ground Zero, no less.

The amen corner cheers and shouts out for more pain. Please, Mr. President, shut down our city, make it a target again, anything you want, sir.

We’re ready to give the 9/11 killers the right to mock the dead and threaten the living. We’ll pretend they are innocent until proven guilty. That’ll show the terrorists what great folks we are!

When faced with any mystery, the best question is always “Why?” And so it is when solving the riddle of Obama’s assault on New York and our eager complicity.

Take Obama first. He spent two years on the Upper West Side as a Columbia student (pictured above), from which he got into Harvard Law School, which helped launch his historic career.

Said career was financed in large part by New York money and, after he vanquished our favorite carpetbagger, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama got 4.8 million of our votes, to only 2.7 million for John McCain.

When he was staffing his team, he frequently went for those who, by birth or choice, were New Yorkers — his secretary of state, his treasury secretary, his attorney general, his housing secretary, his urban czar, his car czar, his political director, his health and arts leaders.

Now when he turns to New York, it’s usually with a clenched fist. At least some of the money he’s using to bribe other states to buy his health-care boondoggle is coming from our pockets. He doesn’t even ask or bother to say thanks.

Gov. Paterson estimates the state sends about $55 billion more to Washington than it gets back. And it’s getting worse. The Obama agenda is adding mightily to what the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan called the “balance of payments deficit.”

None of this would be possible, of course, if our representatives actually stood up for New York. But the men and women we send to Washington march in liberal lockstep by voting time after time to tax their neighbors at home so the people in places like Nebraska, Louisiana and Florida can get a free ride. You see, the plucky pols in those states protect their own.

So why do our pols always mess us up?

Because we let them get away with it.

{NY Post/Matzav.com Newscenter}



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