Obama: Israel Has No Greater Ally Than The United States


obama-netanyahu3President Obama pledged Tuesday to work together with Israel “to realize the dreams of our people to live in security and peace.”

In an Independence Day message, he said Israel has “no greater friend and ally than the United States,” that the alliance is “unbreakable,” and that “our two nations stand together because it makes our countries safer, stronger and more prosperous and it makes the world a better place.”

Obama said Israel’s vibrant independence validated the vision of Zionism’s founder, Theodor Herzl.

In his message, Obama wished Israelis a “joyous” 65th Independence Day and recalled his visit last month to Israel and laying a wreath at Herzl’s grave in Jerusalem.

“There, I was honored to pay tribute to Theodor Herzl, who did so much to realize the dream of an independent Israel, to the presidents and prime ministers who guided her, and to those in uniform who have laid down their lives to protect her,” Obama said. “The strong and prosperous Israel we see today proves Herzl’s vision – ‘If you will it, it is no dream.'”

Obama also sent President Shimon Peres a separate congratulatory note, in which he stated that the American people joined him in “applauding the remarkable Israeli achievements over the past six and a half decades,” adding that the United States will always stand with Israel. Read more at Times of Israel.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. “No greater ally” is not saying much. If he said a “great friend” that would mean something;then again I really wouldn’t beleive anything Obama says.

  2. During the election and before he was anti isreal , this guy did the big flip, I don’t see pressuring for peace deal like from other presidents, ect. . I think he was anti for votes but knows the necessity of isreals partnership . Lev milochim visorim byad hashem.

  3. ally ? israel belongs to the USA. if medinat israel was to return the money the USA has given to them they wouldn`t be able too.


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