Obama Mocks Climate Skeptics in Congress: ‘I’m Going to Just Pretend Like – I Don’t Know, I Can’t Read.”


obamaPresident Obama on Wednesday mocked members of Congress who challenge man-made climate change, saying in many cases they really believe otherwise but don’t want to be run out of town by those who call it “a liberal plot.”

Addressing a League of Conservation Voters (LCV) annual dinner in Washington, he said, “It’s pretty rare that you encounter people who say that the problem of carbon pollution is not a problem.”

People may not grasp the issue fully, Obama said, “but generally they don’t just say, ‘No, I don’t believe anything that scientists say.’ Except – where? In Congress!”

“In Congress. Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax or a fad – or a plot. It’s a liberal plot!

“And then most recently, because, many who say that actually know better and they’re just embarrassed, they duck the question. They say, ‘Hey, I’m not a scientist.’

“Which really translates into, ‘I accept that man-made climate change is real, but if I say so out loud I’ll be run out of town by a bunch of fringe elements that think science- climate science is a liberal plot, so I’m going to just pretend like, I don’t know, I can’t read.’ ”

Obama said he wasn’t a scientist either, although he had access to “a bunch of scientists,” such as those at NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“I’m not a doctor either, but if a bunch of doctors tell me that tobacco can cause lung cancer, then I’ll say okay. Right? I mean, it’s not that hard.”

Read more at CNS NEWS.

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  1. well who said that u stopped smoking and weather climate is a mean evil decieving plot by the Loud Leftist Loosers(LLL) in the white/black house

  2. We have real serious economic problems in this country. Real GDP was down 3% in the first quarter and we are looking at a another negative quarter of growth which means the US has sunken into another recession.

    The “middle class”, that Obama purports to be helping, is getting economically clobbered. Unemployment is unacceptably high in this country.

    We have the world imploding before us. Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

    And Obama is hung up on the global warming HOAX?? This guy is so out of touch with the people and reality, it is not even funny anymore.

  3. “global warming HOAX”

    It isn’t a hoax. It is real. And the near universal rejection of scientific fact by most Republicans is a threat to the future of America.

  4. RedState, the problems you bring up are real problems. Obama is incompetent and weak and leading the USA Downhill. However, global warming is not a hoax and is therefore a very serious problem that needs to be addressed in addition to all the other issues you raised. It’s pure ignorance and part of the “Follow Rush Blindly” mentality that leads people to believe global warming isn’t happening. (Whether it’s humans’ fault or just a natural occurance is debatable)


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