Obama Motorcade Delays Woman in Labor


wooman-in-labor-obamaA woman who appeared to be in labor got stuck across the street from a hospital on Wednesday when President Obama’s motorcade cruised through Los Angeles.

The woman was seen sitting on a bus bench across from Cedars Sinai Medical Center and captured on video by an NBC reporter.

According to a witness, the woman waited around 30 minutes before she was allowed to cross the street and enter the hospital. “Ironically, Obama is going to @shondarhimes. This could be #GreysAnatomy -woman in labor can’t get to Cedars cuz of O,” the witness tweeted at the time. Read more at NBC Los Angeles.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I know the president is entitled to the strictest security possible, but there are times when you’ve got to use your head, if you have one, and make an exception. What would have happened if she had given birth in the bus shelter and complications occurred? Would the already beleaguered Secret Service have been able to deal with the consequences?

  2. This story goes very well with the theme of Obamas selfishness. Obama is a taker. He has never given of himself to anyone let alone the Country he represents. He has no morals.


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