Obama Talks to Inmates in Federal Prison


obama prisonPresident Obama spoke to six inmates at a medium-security federal prison in El Reno, Oklahoma on Thursday. He remarked afterward that good work was being done at the prison but, like many others, it is overcrowded.

Mandatory minimum prison sentences are a “huge driver” of overpopulation in prisons, he said, and society should reconsider whether non-violent drug offenders should end up with sentences of more than 20 years.

Obama earlier this week commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent offenders, almost all of whom were serving time for drug offenses. Read more at NewsOK.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com}


  1. Hello America.

    The president is in jail.

    He needed to see his blessings.

    Special day.

    Maybe tomorrow he will visit an Iranian centrifuge site.

    Anything to make the mold of human austerity more concerning.

    Holy day behind bars.

    He haas vcertainly found his friends.

    Gambit in his penny.

    Stupid for the luxury of higher office.

    Rifles aimed hip of his year, huh?

  2. This bum goes to visit and commiserate with criminals, but he wont visit with the family of Kate Steinle, the innocent woman who was shot to death by an ILLEGAL Mexican alien. Mr. Obama is a disgrace


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