Obamas Headed for Expensive Mid-Summer Vacation


obama-white-house1It’s hard to pick the perfect escape when you’re the leader of the free world. But word has it that the Obamas have found the hideaway they need: A 28-acre, $20-million property on Martha’s Vineyard Island, off the coast of Massachusetts, called Blue Heron Farm. The 10,000-square-foot retreat has everything a president wanting some downtime needs, including a swimming pool, basketball court, and golf tee. And it is even dog-friendly.

The Obama family will pay its own way for a one-week getaway at the end of August, and it’s not cheap: Rents reportedly run from $35-$50,000 a week for similar homes. (Not surprisingly, the town of Chilmark, where they’re headed, was voted the most expensive small town in America a couple years back. And that was before the First Family said they’d be coming.)

While it may seem elitist in mid-recession to turn up at an exclusive resort, consider this: The Secret Service rejected some 20 other vacation spots before Blue Heron Farm got the seal of approval.

The cost of taking a week’s vacation when you are the president is undoubtedly high. But the value of family time, we’re sure, is priceless.

{YahooBuzz/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I dont think the president of usa should get a vocation.Especially the way he is doing his job it looks like he takes vocations all the time.The obama guy is a burn out!

  2. after reading rabbi brazils article, i find it refreshing to see that comments like those of number 2 that show real daas torah arent modrated

  3. I think he should take a lot of vacations and very long ones too. He’ll do a lot less damage to the country when he’s not working than if he were in the white house. Even better, he should stay on vacation permanately!

  4. what happened to camp david???
    And didn’t the first family just take a whirlwind weekend to NYC (with all secret service in tow) and a weekend in Paris and London? Each has bodyguardS (plural) and the president always has “advance” security. When the first family travels, it’s not just them but additional security costs. (all of them need a plane tickets, sleeping accommodations, catered food etc. unlike going home in DC after a days work and taking care of self.)

    Shows poor judgment on part of Obama. He is out of touch with average working person/family struggling in this bad economy. What are the unemployment rates now?

  5. It’s amazing that since Obama has been in office, he has been under the radar more than any President besides Nixon after the Water Gate Scandal. I don’t think Clintion was either after his scandal. The point being every President has taken vacations and it seems no one has said anything about them except for Obama and his family. That is truly amazing.


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