Official: Swine Flu Now Considered ‘Widespread’ in NJ


swine-flu9While swine flu is now considered widespread in New Jersey, the state’s top health official says that’s a cause for concern, not alarm. Health and Senior Services Commissioner Heather Howard said¬†yesterday that New Jersey’s flu activity has moved from regional to widespread, meaning that the H1N1 virus is now present in a majority of New Jersey counties.She said the state has ordered approximately 1.3 million doses of vaccine, and more than 567,000 doses have been distributed to nearly 891 providers statewide. She said vaccine shipments will continue to arrive throughout the fall and winter.

But with only limited amounts currently available, health officials are recommending that certain target groups, including pregnant women, be first to receive the vaccine.

{Newark Star Ledger/ Newscenter}


  1. I don’t believe all the propaganda. This is a government agenda trying to make us all get a dangerous flu shot which couldn’t have been well tested. There are web sites that talk about it. Everyone should get informed of the risks they may be taking before getting a flu shot.

  2. I did some research on the topic; every year 36,000 die from the regular flu; ( regular flu ->pneomonia etc), and in the last 6 months, 1000 people died from this H1N1 flu. So really how dangerous is it?


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