Ohio Man Caught After 56 Years on Lam



A 79-year-old Ohio man is in custody after spending 56 years on the lam. Frank Freshwaters was sentenced to one to 20 years for voluntary manslaughter following a car crash in 1959, but the sentence was reduced to five years’ probation.

He quickly violated his parole and had the original sentence imposed, and then escaped after a transfer to another prison facility.

Freshwaters, a.k.a. William Harold Cox, was arrested in 1975 in West Virginia, but the state’s governor refused to extradite him to Ohio. He finally admitted his identity during an arrest in Melbourne, Florida, and will now be sent back to Ohio.

He was apprehended by very excited U.S. Marshals. “This is only the start of our Cold Case Unit,” said U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott. “We will continue to work on catching the uncatchable!”┬áRead more at WKYC.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. To #1 This story is probably on Matzav because it’s just plain interesting to some people. Visitors to Matzav.com don’t come for only Jewish stories, although they do expect to find stories of Jewish interest. They also like to read other interesting stories. If this doesn’t interest you, go on the the next post.

  2. I believe that matzav.com, aside from being ‘The Online Voice of Torah Jewry,’ is also a news sight. Only filtered, completely kosher news, but not only Jewish news. I personally don’t believe that there is any problem with knowing current events.


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