Only 6% Of Israelis Have Never Used Facebook


facebookOnly 6% of Israelis have never used Facebook, while 66% have never used Twitter, according Universal McCann’s 2015 social media research study, “Wave 8 The Language of Content.” The study included 50,000 respondents in 65 countries. The Israeli portion of the study was carried out by New Wave.

The study reveals that 18.5% of Israelis have never used Skype, and 57% have never used LinkedIn. Low exposure rates are even more notable in niche social networks – 80% of Israelis have never used the blogging platform Tumblr, and a similar percentage have never used Snapchat.

About half of Israelis have never used Instagram, and about a quarter of Israelis have never used Google+. YouTube had the highest exposure rate among Israelis – just 0.6% of the population has never used the video platform.

The study also addresses usage and indicates that 70% of Israelis are on Facebook at least once a day up 11% from last year, and much higher than the global average of 45%.

44% of Israelis visit YouTube at least once a day (compared with 30% globally), and a surprising 22.5% visit Google+ on a daily basis. 66% of Israelis between the ages of 25 and 44 say that social networks are an integral part of their social lives.

The study also addresses smartphone and Internet usage: 30% of Israelis surf the web for more than five hours a day almost double the global average, which is 15.5%. In Italy, the rate is 21%, and the US rate is 16%.

As for general smartphone usage, the study indicates that 22% of Israelis use their smartphones for more than five hours a day, compared with a global average of 17.4%.

The smartphone penetration rate in Israel is 90% compared with 84% globally. This is an increase of 15.5% compared with last year. More Israelis have smartphones than desktop computers (70%) or laptop computers (78%).

The study indicates that Israelis enjoy consuming content more than they enjoy creating it. The online activities that Israelis most enjoy include watching videos, using instant messaging services, downloading apps, and visiting corporate websites. The least popular activities are blogging and uploading videos.

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