Oops: Trump Almost Had A $125 Billion Border Wall


House Republicans had to scramble to fix a drafting error in a conservative immigration bill that would have accidentally given President Donald Trump $125 billion for border security, including his wall instead of the $25 billion intended, CNN reports.

The error, which happens occasionally during legislative drafting accidentally allocated $25 billion per year for five years rather than allocating the $25 billion over a five-year period. A spokeswoman for the House Rules Committee confirmed the error to CNN, but noted it was fixed.



  1. The gubmit doesn’t have money for the wall. The gubmit has money for costs generated by illegals’ ballooning of public schools, welfare system, prisons and police. The illegals are sucking out hundreds of billions of taxpayer money each year, without paying any significant taxes – even when working on books they only pay FICA as they are low wage earners, they avoid real estate taxes by piling up their living spaces with ten times the capacity, and they don’t generate much sales taxes as they mostly buy tax free food and clothing or illegal and therefore untaxable narcotics.


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