Opinion: Obama Should Nominate Senator Joseph Lieberman for Secretary of State


joe-liebermanBy Ron Agam

The White House is reeling from its recent failed attempt to nominate Ambassador Susan Rice to the post of Secretary of State and now needs a savior. That man is Senator Joseph Lieberman. He is a formidable choice for a new American foreign policy of imagination and possibilities. The President is the commander in chief and now enjoys a renewed confidence granted by the American people after winning his election with a considerable margin of support.
So why not work to build further positive consensus around himself from Congress and the American people by announcing a surprise, one that will show a boldness and confidence in his ability to dramatically improve his foreign policy team.
Dealing with the challenges of the Middle East today requires a man that can make a difference. The Secretary of State office must be filled by an undisputed luminary that can carry the message of peace for a President who represents himself as the man that can bring Peace to a region ravaged by tribal and religious strain. Lieberman is a hawk with a velvet glove, he will defend American interests with firm and uncompromising intelligence.

Current candidates John Kerry and Chuck Hagel are conventional choices anchored in Washington status-quo, their selection would be the safe path, lacking in zest, genius and creativity, both men are old news in fields that need larger than life characters. Obama could create a new, bold and dramatic opportunity for foreign policy by bringing Senator Lieberman into his team. Lieberman is an independent stalwart of great integrity, intelligence and pragmatism, one that will bring new highs of respect and challenge to the position. Lieberman can be the Kissinger of the Democrats, and provide a badly needed injection of hubris and intellect.

The president can do it. He can surprise us and elevate a man who can deliver this awesome thrust of genius needed to pursue American interests in the world.


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  1. Just how old is this guy? What’s the overall state of his health, will he last the course and – most importantly – does he want the job?

  2. Lieberman is every bit Washington Status Quo as Kerry and Hagel — he has served in the Senate for 24 years! I’d be happy to see Lieberman in the job — he is FAR more liberal than Hagel on just about everything — but the Republican Narrative has declared that Obama is insufficiently bipartisan and that therefore a lousy Republican is better than the best Democrat.

  3. Dr. Hall, I don’t disagree but I’m hearing a lot of right wing radio (from the sane wing, like Bill Bennett) discontent with Hagel.


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