OU Slams Neturei Karta Over Shalit


gilad-shalit-smallRemarks made by some Neturei Karta radicals about captured soldier Gilad Shalit, reported yesterday here on Matzav.com, are unacceptable,  the Orthodox Union said. The OU yesterday slammed the comments that Shalit was not worth saving because he is not religiously observant.

Shalit, an IDF soldier, was kidnapped and has been held in captivity for over three years by Hamas terrorists.

The OU stated: “Two of the foundations of Judaism through the ages have been the principles of kindheartedness (rachmanut) and of mutual responsibility for other Jews (areivut). One of Judaism’s commandments (mitzvot) is redeeming captives (pidyon shvuyim). Thus, we are shocked to learn that anyone claiming to observe Jewish law would be so coldhearted and complacent regarding the capture of anyone, let alone a soldier doing his duty to protect and defend innocent life. The ruling reported in the name of the eminent contemporary leader of Torah Jewry in Israel, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, that the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim indeed applied to the case of Gilad Shalit makes clear that assertions to the contrary are a perverse misrepresentation of Torah precepts.

“It is our great hope and sincere prayer that Gilad Shalit is swiftly and safely returned to his people and his family, and that all people of good will do all in their power to secure his release.”

Hamas captured Shalit in a cross-border raid and he is currently being held in the Gaza Strip.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. We all know– even Ahmadinijad knows– that these people are a small despised mutual-support group of imbeciles that unfortunately has gotten their hands on a megaphone.

  2. If the Halacha is like the Netr Karta, so what if it doesn’t feel ethical?

    Does the halacha of Hashovas Aveidu L’akum or Hachzoras Halvoh, To’os Akim, or Shor Shel Yisroel Shenogach Shor Shel Akum, feel ethical?, No. But, so what?

  3. there is also a mitzavh to do kiruv and he will never be mekarev in a isolated prison cell. its time the charedi community get up and help rally for our brother who is captive. if we the charedim are learning and davening all day instead of going out and fighting then our learning and davening should be in the merit of his quick return.


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