Outrage In Ukraine After Maharsha’s Tzion Is Vandalized

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An investigation has been opened into the vandalization of Maharsha’s tzion in Ukraine this Shabbos.

The Ukrainian Jewish community expressed outrage at the desecration, which damaged both the tombstone and the building housing the entire kever. Many of the windows of the tzion were shattered by the vandals and glass and seforim were found strewn across the entire room. So far, no arrests have been made.



  1. The Maharasha has many scary stories with supernatural consequences for those who dared cross him.
    Whoever did this will have major issues, at best.

  2. why the outrage
    this is what is expected from the ukrainians
    who killed more and with more hate then the nazis
    the question is why do people go to this blood soaked country
    and spend dollars there

    • Because of the corrupt greedy travel agents who are out to make a quick buck, and the kedoshim whose blood flows thru the streets, can go jump in the lake.


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