Palestinian Authority Textbooks Rife With Anti-Israel Incitement, Study Shows


palestinian-kidsA study that translated 150 new Palestinian Authority (PA) textbooks used by a U.N. educational body reveals widespread delegitimization of Israel and continued calls to use violence against Israeli Jews.

According to the study, conducted by the Near East Policy Research Center, the textbooks say Jews have no rights to Israel, including to Jewish holy sites, and are not considered legitimate residents of the country. The name “Israel” appears less than a handful of times on the textbooks’ maps and is usually replaced with Palestine, and areas inside pre-1967 Israel are described exclusively as Palestinian.

The Near East Policy Research Center sent a letter to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which runs 250 schools in Gaza and 100 in the West Bank, asking it to correct the deficiencies in the textbooks.


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  1. Warning: heavy dose of sarcasm coming!

    So we conquer and occupy their land, systematically deprive them of civil rights and the legitimate right to self-determination, basically ruling over them with an iron fist… and they don’t like us? Good grief, what must we do to make these people happy?

  2. to #3:

    Don’t worry. The Real Torah which you seem to forget is a true value only says we must disagree with the problem of the lost visitor to our land. Our values are not such that we spit in the hand of Hashem to say we were just creatures of a lost lagoon. Your conduct in that posting is really a snide remark and not a true value of Torah. Are you a Naturei Karta? It seems your true vision is to question the very relevance of a Jewish society.

    Good luck.

    Torah is not a book of matchsticks for the blind. Never Again.


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