Palestinian Fire Kite Starts Fire in Israel Winery


An incendiary kite landed in an Israeli vineyard on Monday, starting an arson fire.

The kite landed in the Tura Winery near Har Gerizim, close to Kever Yosef HaTzaddik. Though a fire was started, it was quickly extinguished and harm to the vineyard was prevented.

According to Hadashot news, Palestinians the West Bank have begun utilizing the terrorist ploy invented by their counterparts in Gaza. In the last four months, hundreds of terrorist arson fires have been started by Gazans inside Israel through the use of flaming kites and balloons. More than 7,400 acres of agricultural and nature preserve lands have been burned, causing millions of shekels in damage.

Just this week, 200 beehives belonging to Israeli farmers were destroyed and the bees killed, causing the loss of all their honey just weeks before the Rosh Hashanah.

Last month, a fire balloon was found in the Gilo neighborhood of Yerushalayim, next to the Palestinian Authority-controlled Beit Jala and Bethlehem.




  1. When do you think Israel will get sick and tired of being the patsy and bowing to all. When do you think Israel will stop trying to destroy itself to satisfy the world. What ever happened to the Israel that fought all those wars such as the 1948, the 1960, 1970 and beat 6 countries and took back territory, yes what happened to that Israel and is now the banana republic to the world and refuses to protect itself because the US, or the UN, or the world get mad. Why didn’t Israel worry about the world when it won all the wars, and now losing itself in compliance. Waiting for the real Israel to stand up and rid itself of the Erev Rav government.


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