Palestinian Man With Explosives Killed In Clash With Israeli Forces In Jenin


Izz al-Din Walid Bani GharraA Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli security forces in the Jenin refugee camp, early Wednesday.

The army said he was targeted after he attempted to hurl a bomb at troops.

Izz al-Din Walid Bani Gharra, 23, was hit by two bullets in his arm and chest, and died before reaching the hospital, Palestinian medical sources said.

Israeli police, in a statement on the incident, said a border police force was in the refugee camp to carry out arrests.

“Upon leaving the camp, the force identified a suspect trying to throw an explosive device at them,” it said.

One of the border police shot him and wounded him, the statement said, adding that the device probably exploded near the suspect.

In an online statement attributed to the Jenin branch of Hamas, the group appeared to claim Ghora as a member.

“Hamas bids farewell to its heroic martyr… and urges the Palestinian Authority and its security forces to stop their security coordination” with Israel, it said.


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