Palestinian Terrorists Have Gone Online


jihad-terroristsPalestinians are establishing a new terrorist infrastructure.

They’ve moved over to online recruitment via popular campaigns designed to sow hatred and covey the sense that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is under threat – in the hope of prompting a terror mission carried out by a lone attacker, one who is not affiliated with any terrorist organization.

Prof. Yair Amichai-Hamburger, director of the Research Center for Internet Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Center’s School of Communication in Herzliya, explains that the discourse on the Internet functions as a breeding ground for extremists.

“The propaganda is absolute. We are perceived there as Satan’s earthly representatives….Every Jew represents a part of the threatening mechanism.”

“Once the message has seeped in, the sense of solidarity becomes absolute, and the attacker’s personal existence becomes meaningless. He turns into the long arm of Islam.”

“This gives rise to a new profile of a terrorist, one who perhaps just a few days earlier had no intentions of driving his car into a group of soldiers or people at a train station, but ends up saying [gone] with the world.”

{ Israel}


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